Paraguay Okakuaa

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Paraguay Okakuaa is a project of the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security (MTESS) of Paraguay, funded by the United States Department of Labor (USDOL), and implemented by Partners of the Americas and its allies (Centro de Información y Recursos para el Desarrollo – CIRD and Fundación Alda). 

The project supports Paraguay in its efforts to reduce the worst forms of child labor, combat forced labor, and improve labor law compliance and working conditions, with a particular focus on the departments of Guairá and Boquerón. 

Paraguay Okakuaa began in 2015 to provide education and livelihood opportunities in the Department of Guairá, in an effort to keep children in school and youth away from hazardous work specifically in the five target districts of Borja, Iturbe, Mauricio José Troche, Paso Yobai and Villarrica. The project also seeks to strengthen the effectiveness of the labor inspection system and information systems, and increase coordination among different institutions in order to combat child labor and register adolescent workers.

In response to the MTESS’s political will, the project expanded its efforts to the Chaco—particularly in the Department of Boquerón—to address the issue of forced labor. There, Paraguay Okakuaa will also provide educational services that promote protected spaces for children vulnerable to child labor and/or forced labor. Activities will also include coordinating actions among key stakeholders, and raising awareness and providing training on forced labor to improve working conditions.  

A total of 3,499 children and adolescents and 1,391 families will benefit from this initiative.



Funding for this project is provided by the United States Department of Labor.

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