EducaFuturo improves educational outcomes for children and adolescents involved in child labor and increases family income so that households do not need to rely on the work of children for survival. Partners is collaborating with local organizations to target 3,940 children, 1,290 youth and 1,600 households.

To significantly reduce child labor, EducaFuturo emphasizes the importance of education through accelerated coursework and community-based learning; provides income-generating opportunities through vocational training and small business support; strengthens public-private partnerships through training, in-depth analysis and shared best practices; and connects education and labor policies to raise awareness and share results among countries.

EducaFuturo implements activities in four provinces in Ecuador and three provinces and two comarcas in Panama, specifically targeting Afro descendants, indigenous, and migrant populations. In Panama, EducaFuturo partners with local implementing agencies Fe y Alegria Panama, CoSPAE and APROTENGB. And in Ecuador, EducaFuturo partners with FUDELA, ExpoFlores and Communidec. Funding for this program is provided by the U.S. Department of Labor. 


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  • 3,940 children
  • 1,290 youth
  • 1,600 households
  • 2 countries