What Works 2018 Awards Ceremony

Rachel Falek, Communications Officer

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Partners of the Americas is driven by our members. To recognize and celebrate those spectacular volunteers, donors and other supporters who have contributed to our success each year, Partners presented awards during the What Works 2018 Conference Gala Dinner at El Tropicano Riverwalk Hotel in San Antonio, Texas on December 6.
Individuals won in the following categories: Years of Service, Dynamic Networking, Emerging Leaders, Philanthropist of the Year, and Life Changers. For those who could not attend What Works, we will be sending digital certificates for Outstanding Service to more than 150 people shortly in the future. Partners' awards ceremony began in 2014 at our 50th Anniversary Celebration in Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil.

The following individuals received their awards in person during What Works:


EMERGING LEADER AWARD: The Emerging Leader Award is presented to individuals who have shown exceptional leadership initiative in the early years of their membership with Partners of the Americas.

  • — Nicolas Arizaga  (PartnersCampus Wyoming)
  • — Aiyanna Maciel (PartnersCampus Stetson University)
  • — Oscar Caceres (Capítulo de Honduras)
  • — Carlos Ayala  (Texas Chapter)
  • — Jennyfer Mena Cubides (Bogotá, PartnersCampus La Salle)
  • — Liz Colombia de la Vega Aveñdano (PartnersCampus CEENIUG)
  • — Mirna Angulo (Wisconsin-Nicaragua Partners)

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DYNAMIC NETWORKING: For members that actively engage and build alliances with others to carry out the mission.

  • — Bani Ruano (Veracruz)
  • — Dina Maria Castro Sotomayor (PartnersCampus UniAtlantico)
  • — Lisa Martin (Washington, DC Chapter)
  • — Carol Brickley (Colorado Chapter)
  • — Dorly Piske (Wyoming Chapter)
  • — Gary Linn (Tennessee Chapter)

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10 YEARS  OF SERVICE: For devoting 10 years of service to Partners of the Americas. 

  • — Lyda Arévalo Flechas (Texas Chapter)
  • — Daniel Díaz Queirolo (Texas Chapter)
  • — John Beattie (Colorado Chapter)
  • — Marilyn Beattie (Colorado Chapter)

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20 YEARS OF SERVICE: For devoting 20 years of service to Partners of the Americas.

  • — Roger Lloyd Brown (Colorado Chapter)
  • — Amy Wiza (Wisconsin Nicaragua Chapter)

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30 YEARS OF SERVICE: For devoting 30 years of service to Partners of the Americas.

  • — Douglas Stevenson (Texas Chapter)
  • — Iliana Diaz (Texas Chapter)
  • — Maricy Schmitz (Washington, DC Chapter)

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50 YEARS OF SERVICE: For devoting 50 years of service to Partners of the Americas.

  • — Bob Honts (Texas Chapter)
  • — Juan Valera (Texas Chapter)
  • — Cynthia Smith (Texas Chapter)
  • — Leonor Guerrero (Wisconsin-Nicaragua Chapter)

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LIFE-CHANGER SERVICE AWARD: The Life-Changer Service Award is one of Partners’ most prestigious awards.  It is reserved for members who have provided exceptional service to Partners over an extended period of time, through chapters or otherwise, and deserve special recognition.

  • — Francisco Exequiel Antunez (Capítulo de Honduras)
  • — Stephen Waechter (Colorado Chapter)
  • — Dean Siebert (ACTS)
  • — Nicolas Arizaga (PartnersCampus Wyoming)
  • — Douglas Stevenson (Texas Chapter)
  • — Eryk Rios (Texas Chapter)
  • — Amy Wiza (Wisconsin-Nicaragua Chapter)
  • — Rosa Gomez (Wisconsin-Nicaragua Chapter)
  • — Leonor Guerrero (Wisconsin-Nicaragua Chapter) 

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PHILANTHROPIST OF THE YEAR AWARD (TEXAS): The Philanthropist of the Year Award is reserved for major supporters who have given in cash or in-kind contributions to Texas Partners of the Americas in the past year.

  • — Bob Mander and Iliana Diaz (Texas Chapter)

We want to thank everyone for their years of support and for making What Works 2018 such a successful event. Stay tuned for more information about our next What Works Conference in Goiânia, Brazil by signing up for our newsletter