YouthLead – SENA


Every day across the Americas, over 20 million young people are looking for a job. Through our three-week intensive leadership exchange program focused on social entrepreneurship, we are empowering youth to beat the odds. With a concentration on low-income youth living in rural Colombia, the YouthLead – SENA training program addresses the environmental challenges faced by families living in remote conditions through creative, facilitated dialogue and activities that push participants to think outside the box.

Partners of the Americas is recognized as an innovator in developing youth leadership programs in the Western Hemisphere. Through our grassroots volunteer network, 50+ years in the making, Partners has engaged nearly 9,000 youth from over 20 countries in various youth leadership and engagement programs. 

In this program youth will... 

  • Learn to understand and work with diverse sets of people, to empathize with the plights of others and to identify commonalities among diverse peoples 
  • Acquire the tools necessary to assess and address community needs and work with and manage volunteers, building life-time commitments to service 
  • Receive trainings and hands-on experiences in diverse environments and exercise leadership skills through actionoriented projects, mentorships and peer to peer learning 

One young woman, Yuri Espinoza, returned to Colombia after her exchange to Boston, Massachusetts, and launched a jewelry business empowering women affected by domestic violence in her community. Not only are our youth crafting their own opportunities for success but their work is contagious, inspiring other youth to join the movement. The YouthLead – SENA program is funded by Colombia’s renowned higher education institute, Servicio Nacional de Aprendizaje (SENA).

Meet our current YouthLead - SENA participants.

  • 50 youth and instructors
  • 4 U.S. host states
  • 18 Colombian states