YouthLead Curriculum


The Partners Network is recognized as an innovation hub for developing youth leaders throughout the Americas. Our YouthLead Curriculum identifies the best practices from our grassroots network and collaborates with professional volunteers and organizations to bring them to scale. The YouthLead methodology is based on four pillars: leadership development, mutual understanding, commitment to service and long-term engagement. Through this approach, we support youth from a diversity of backgrounds to discover their potential and guide them toward becoming active and responsible citizens in their communities.

 The YouthLead program was developed using an integrated approach to include academic components, global service within community partnerships, cultural immersion through exchange, and deep, personal and collective reflection around particular themes. The Four Pillars of Learning are infused and integrated into the daily agenda and learning activities. Youth are engaged in activities that cultivate creative and critical thinking about diverse issues and solutions, focused learning alongside others in local and global communities, and a deep commitment towards community-driven service. Youth are challenged to consider their own values and beliefs first and foremost in order to develop their own self-awareness, strengths, and passions. From there, they are asked to consider the values and beliefs of others and of other communities in order to challenge their own assumptions and biases. In the end, reflection helps youth consider and analyze their knowledge and experiences and think deeply about their role in taking appropriate action.