Volunteer with Farmer-to-Farmer

Partners of the Americas’ USAID-funded Farmer-to-Farmer program provides technical assistance to individual farmers, farmer associations, agricultural cooperatives, education institutions, and others in the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Jamaica, Colombia, Guyana, and Burma as well as select other countries.

Farmer-to-Farmer recruits experienced agriculturalists who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents to volunteer and complete short-term assignments (15-day minimum stay; trips are generally 2–3 weeks). Farmer-to-Farmer covers all volunteer costs including airfare, lodging, meals, insurance, and any other assignment-related expenses.  

Requirements to Volunteer:

  • Must be a U.S. citizen or permanent legal resident
  • Experience in relevant field
  • Submit a trip report, recommendations form, questionnaire, and timesheet


To apply or receive more information on a particular assignment:

Please email farmertofarmer@partners.net with the name of the country and the title of the assignment in the subject line and attach your resume/CV and cover letter


Current Opportunities

(updated as of January 2020)


Rural Adaptation and Resilience Project

Volunteer assignments within this project seek to increase the resilience of vulnerable populations to the impacts of changing climate and weather patterns. The project will involve a cross-cutting approach, focused primarily in the Yaque del Norte watershed, to increase awareness, build capacity, and promote mitigation and adaptation strategies. 

Youth in Agriculture Project

Volunteer assignments within this project seek to incentivize and strengthen youth entrepreneurship programs in agriculture with the purpose of helping Dominican youth achieve success as professionals in the country’s agricultural sector. The project strategy is concerned mostly in the creation of environments that foster innovation, the exposure of youth to innovative technologies, and the development of a transferable skill set to branch in to other sectors in their careers.


High-Value Horticulture Project

Volunteer assignments within this project seek to strengthen smallholder farmer productivity, competitiveness, postharvest handling, and resilience in high-value, non-traditional horticultural crops.  These crops may include coffee, tree fruits, mushrooms, potatoes, onions, snow peas, and squash. This project will work with producers oriented towards local, regional, and export-oriented processors.  Emphasis will be placed on women’s groups as women, whose economic contributions fall largely in the informal sector, stand to benefit from a transition into the formal sector and the subsequent legal worker protections from exploitative labor arrangements. F2F volunteer technical assistance will build the capacity of producers and processors through hands-on workshops and technical training in a variety of areas that include climate smart agriculture practices, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP), quality standards and controls, packaging, and labeling.

Rural Enterprise Development Project

Volunteer assignments within this project seek to strengthen entrepreneurs and agricultural enterprises across value chains. Specific objectives include improvement of farming products and services for small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs), strengthening agribusinesses and enterprises for economic growth, expansion of market linkages and access to market information for small-scale rural producers, and increased access to credit by building the capacity of MSMEs and agribusinesses in financial literacy, ICT platforms, and other technology systems.


Livestock and Aquaculture Project

Volunteer assignments within this project seek to strengthen smallholder farmer productivity and entrepreneurship in the areas of beef, dairy, small ruminant cultivation, aquaculture, and mariculture. Specific objectives for this project include seeking opportunities for goat and sheep producers to move into more formalized markets with buyers that pay higher premiums. Additionally, this project seeks to increase national beef and dairy production and industry stability. 

Rural Adaptation and Resilience Project

Volunteer assignments within this project seek to increase the resilience of vulnerable populations to the impacts of changing climate and weather patterns. The project will involve a crosscutting approach, focused primarily in rural agricultural communities, to increase awareness, build capacity, and promote mitigation and adaptation strategies for increased volatility of weather patterns and its detrimental effects on Jamaica’s agriculture sector.


Rural Enterprise Development Project

Volunteer assignments within this project seek to support the development, application, and expansion of financial, commercial, and technical agricultural services for smallholder farmers, especially women and youth, with the intention of generating sustainable, broad-based economic growth and job creation. Volunteers will be deployed to address systemic capacity constraints for farmers and lenders in the country to unlock finance for improved agricultural production; new access to finance will lead to broader utilization of agricultural technologies and increased sales and incomes. 


Horticulture Production and Marketing Project

Volunteer assignments within this project seek to increase the productivity and profitability of select horticulture sub-sectors. This project will primarily focus on shade-house vegetable production and marketing, although some technical assistance will also be focused on agro-processing to provide value-added opportunities, particularly for women producers. 

Livestock Production and Marketing Project

Volunteer assignments within this project seek to develop systems for the traceability and certification of livestock entities/farms and livestock products, to ensure the safe trade of meat and animal products within Guyana and beyond. Assistance is also sought for Guyana ’s veterinarian and sub-professional workforce on effective and innovative techniques in animal care and management.


Tree Crops Project

Volunteer assignments within this project seek to accelerate growth of the country´s tree crops sector with expanded production and the use of tree-based products for farm sustainability. The project will employ crosscutting approaches to build on the country´s long, successful history of tree crop-centered agriculture while also assisting in the growth of its coffee sector that has recently become internationally recognized for high-quality Robusta and Arabica varieties. Crops of focus include mostly high-value products, like macadamia nuts and avocados.  Methods will also be introduced to help farmers diversify their offerings and buffer their enterprises against climate-related threats to their livelihoods.

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**Please note that these are volunteer opportunities and not jobs or paid consultancies.