Strategic Plan 2019-2023

2020 Update

In the span of over a year, Partners of the Americas completed an organizational strategic plan to continue building on its foundational principle of the power of partnerships. As part of the 2019-2023 Strategic Planning initiative, Partners honed its vision, mission, values, and strategies as it moves into the next decade.

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March 2019 Update

From March 26-27, the Partners of the Americas staff and our International Board of Directors convened to work on the final stretch of the Strategic Plan. Staff and board members developed a draft strategy roadmap by honing Partners' top priorities for Fiscal Years 2019-2023: business development and partnerships, programming and services, technology and communications, and operational and financial excellence. During the meetings, attendees created success statements and measures, determined key strategies and how to prototype them, and finalized next steps. The staff and board members came away energized for the future of Partners of the Americas. We will share results soon for final comments and recommendations, keeping in mind that we will also review our plan annually for progress and adjustments. 


December 2018 Update

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In December 2018, Partners President & CEO John McPhail presented the Strategic Plan at What Works, where participants gave their feedback on how to foster innovation and creativity. Partners staff and board members will meet in the Spring to develop the road map to support our mission and goals. This is a living document and we welcome any feedback on how we can go from good to great.




August 2018 UpdateStrategic Visioning.png 

Partners of the Americas CEO and President John McPhail launched a 2018 Strategic Planning initiative for fiscal years 2019-2023. A strategic plan is a set of statements describing the purpose and ethical conduct for an organization together with the specific strategies designed to achieve the targets set for each of these. 

Staff members have formed subcommittees to address our passion, what we are best at and what drives our resource engine in order to strengthen our vision and core values. 

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