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Global Youth Service Day 2021

2021_GYSD_logo square evergreen full name_0.pngThis Global Youth Service Day, our Chapters in South America have prepared activities to serve their communities from April 23-25, 2021. Check out their events and how to join them

Partners of the Americas Celebrates Pan American Day 2021

Happy Pan American Day! (2)_0.pngPartners of the Americas (Partners) welcomes Pan American Day on April 14, 2021. This year, we celebrate the 131 years since nations throughout the Americas have formally come together to inspire collaboration and progress as well as encourage mutual understanding of peoples from all nations.

COVID-19 Impacts on Youth Mental Health Across the Americas

Picture12_0_0.pngOur Education and Global Citizenship Intern Katerina Lamm shares how COVID-19 has negatively impacted her mental health, as well as those of her peers in Peru. She looks at how their experiences are representative of the global worsening of mental health among youth due to the pandemic.

Photo Guidebook for Chapters

42857438_255647301804081_5750909570952200192_o.jpgFor good pictures, you do not need a professional camera. These are some tips that can help you take good pictures with a cell phone, for example.

Guía fotográfica para Capítulos Partners

42857438_255647301804081_5750909570952200192_o.jpgPara obtener buenas fotos no necesita una cámara profesional, hay algunos consejos que pueden ayudarlo a tomar buenas fotos con un teléfono celular.

Guia de fotos para Capítulos Partners

42857438_255647301804081_5750909570952200192_o.jpgPara boas fotos você não precisa de uma câmera profissional, existem algumas dicas que podem te ajudar a tirar boas fotos com um celular.

How to Write a Blog: A Guidebook for Partners Chapters

Screen Shot 2021-02-22 at 5.48.26 PM.jpegLearn how to tell your story for the greatest impact by following our guide for writing blogs! For Chapter members and anyone in the Partners Network, learn how to structure a story, use quotes, and highlight photos to make the most impactful and compelling article. Then share it with us so we can feature it on the Partners blog.


Partners of the Americas lança Comunidades de Prática Online

INS CP 2021 PORT .jpgA Partners of the Americas compreende o papel que as conexões virtuais têm no envolvimento de nossos membros para conectar, servir e mudar vidas. À medida que a Partners continua a crescer e a manter uma presença nas Américas, o mesmo ocorre com os avanços tecnológicos que nos fornecem caminhos para conectar, engajar, compartilhar conhecimentos e experiências e crescer pessoalmente e profissionalmente.

Partners of the Americas lanza Comunidades de Práctica en línea

INS CP 2021 SPA_1.jpgPartners of the Americas comprende el papel que las conexiones virtuales tienen en involucrar a nuestros miembros para conectar, servir y transformar vidas. A medida que Partners sigue creciendo y manteniendo una presencia en las Américas, también lo hacen los avances tecnológicos que nos brindan vías para conectarnos, involucrarnos, compartir conocimientos y experiencias, y crecer personal y profesionalmente.

Partners of the Americas Launches Online Communities of Practice

INS CP 2021 ENG_1.jpgPartners of the Americas understands the role that virtual connections have in engaging our members to connect, serve, and change lives. As Partners continues to grow and maintain a presence in the Americas, so do the technological advances that provide us with avenues to connect, engage, share knowledge and experiences, and grow personally and professionally. 

2020 Year in Review

Image 11-9-20 at 10.33 AM (1).jpgRead all that Partners of the Americas has accomplished during 2020!

In Memory of Robert Honts

a - 241 (1).jpegSadly, Robert Honts, a founder and dedicated leader of the Partners Texas Chapter for over 50 years, passed away in late November. As a true public servant, Bob had an immense impact on Partners of the Americas and the communities he served.

Open Doors 2020 Report Recap

OpenDoors (1).jpgIn celebration of International Education Week, the Institute of International Education (IIE) released the 2020 Open Doors Report on November 16, 2020. Read more for the top 2020 stats for the Americas.

In Memory of Denise Decker

denise-and-wonder-kc-crop (1).pngSadly, long-time friend and change-agent, Denise Decker, passed away on November 4, 2020. Denise was a member of the Partners International Board of Directors and a member of our District of Columbia and Virginia Chapters.

En Comunidad y Con Apoyo de Paraguay Okakuaa Hacen Frente al Coronavirus [español/english]

Petrona (2).jpgPara las familias del distrito de Paso Yobai, la capacitación y el apoyo técnico recibido del Proyecto Paraguay Okakuaa para mejorar sus medios de vida les dotó de más recursos hacer frente a las consecuencias económicas de la pandemia. / For the families of the Paso Yobai district, our Paraguay Okakuaa project, funded by USDOL, provided them the capacity building and technical assistance needed to improve their quality of life and confront the economic consequences of the pandemic. 

International Day for the Eradication of Poverty 2020

International day for the eradication of poverty .jpgEvery day, Partners of the Americas collaborates with individuals and organizations around the world to eradicate poverty. The coronavirus pandemic this year has hurt communities experiencing poverty the hardest, yet we are finding ways to work through it to achieve social and environmental justice for all. This International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, we’re highlighting the steps our programs, projects, and members have taken to end poverty during COVID-19.

Combating Child Labor on International Coffee Day

coffeb_1.jpgColombia is known for producing some of the highest-quality coffee in the world, with its unique geography making for excellent growing conditions. More than 500,000 Colombians work in the coffee industry, fulfilling a centuries-old tradition across nearly 2.2 million acres of Colombian highlands. Coffee growing is a central part of Colombian identity and culture; however, it is also one of the sectors in which child labor is most prevalent. This reality may be worsened by the COVID-19 pandemic.