Peer Learning Events

Peer learning is an effective tool for knowledge sharing, problem solving and international cooperation. Our public-private partnership events bring together members of the Partners Network including volunteers, youth participants, and university, government, and private sector leaders to foster dialogue and exchange expertise. Our events empower participants to increase successful collaborations, strengthen programs and share best practices. A chapter sends a proposal to host a Peer Learning event. Support for the chapter is up to US$5000 which is matched by local fundraising in cash or in-kind.

For more information you can contact: Barbara Bloch at

Since 2009, we’ve supported 11 public-private partnership events across the hemisphere on themes including youth engagement, justice reform, volunteerism, university partnerships and more.

The next peer learning event will take place in San Antonio, Texas,  December 5-8, 2018​.

Other Recent Events:​

What Works! Conference:
Medellín,  Colombia

WHAT WORKS MEDELLIN brought together chapter members, youth, and academics on the following themes: Peace Accords, Climate Change and Innovation in Higher Education. Panels were followed by sharing projects implemented in each of these topics.  As in all Partners events participants experienced the culture of Colombia and visited various sites exemplifying best practices of a variety of organizations.

VI National Conference of Alumni and Volunteer Leaders:
Medellín,  Colombia

VI National Conference of Leaders, Volunteers and Alumni of Embassy or Embassy sponsored programs. This is a youth-led event coordinated by the Fundación Youth Colombian Leaders (YCL) aligned with​ networking and capacity building of youth leaders.

What Works! Conference:
Portland, Oregon

In September 2015, the Partners Oregon Chapter convened the second “What Works” Conference, bringing together nearly 120 volunteers from across the Network. The Conference included multiple sessions featuring Chapter programs, breakout sessions for more in-depth analysis and sharing of best practices across Chapters and programs, as well as a workshop led by the Kansas Leadership Center and a book signing with Partners' President and CEO Steve Vetter, historian David Corcoran and Oregon volunteer Penny McDonald. 

IV National Conference of Alumni and Volunteer Leaders:
Armenia, Colombia

In August 2015, the IV National Conference of Alumni and Volunteer Leaders brought together alumni of different US Embassy programs, volunteer leaders, and youth leaders from throughout Colombia and other countries in the region. They spent two days sharing project ideas and discussing the theme of “Do it for our World!: Culture and Environment.”  The conference was organized by Youth Colombian Leaders, an organization founded by alumni of Partners’ Youth Ambassadors Program in Colombia.

50th Anniversary Convention: 
Florianopolis, Brazil
Partners celebrated 50 years of service in the Americas in Florianopolis, Brazil, in September 2014 in a joint event with the Association of Binational Centers (ABLA) under the theme of “Going Further and Faster.”

“What Works” Regional Conference - Expanding Partnerships: Inspiration, Application, and Perspiration:
Greeley​, Colorado
In May 2013, the “What Works” Regional Conference, convened by the Partners’ Colorado Chapter, brought together volunteers from across the Partners Network. The two-day event featured volunteers presenting best practices in program implementation and organizational development.

International Seminar on Alternatives to Incarceration:
Montevideo, Uruguay
In July 2013, Partners sponsored the International Seminar on Alternatives to Incarceration in Montevideo, Uruguay. The seminar was a part of the Minnesota-Uruguay Partners’ Justice Reform program, an 8-year program that had resulted in the creation of Uruguay’s first office on probation. Featuring guest speakers from Brazil, Argentina and Peru, the event focused on informing local officials in Uruguay on the importance of probation programs and sharing best practices in probation reform.

Raising Partners Regional Conference in Brazil:
Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
In November 2013, Partners sponsored the Raising Partners Conference in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. Partners members from across Brazil and participants from local NGOs convened with a focus on youth engagement and integration of the Brazilian Partners’ network and fundraising.