Office of the President & CEO Establishes Membership Unit



September 23, 2019


Office of the President & CEO Establishes Membership Unit

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The Office of the President & CEO of Partners of the Americas is pleased to announce the establishment of the new Membership Unit, as part of the implementation process of the Strategic Plan 2019-2023

Membership has always been at the core of Partners within other units. However, it will now have its own unit and dedicated staff to champion, advocate for, and grow the network throughout the Western Hemisphere through initiatives, programming, and resource-sharing.  

“Through the establishment of the Membership Unit, we are furthering the legacy of Partners of the Americas to connect, serve, and change lives. We are committed to expanding our organizational reach by focusing on the individuals and organizations who make differences within their communities every day,” said John McPhail, Partners President & CEO. 

Partners connects people and organizations across borders to serve and transform lives through lasting partnerships. To hone its mission, as well as its vision and values, Partners began the Strategic Plan initiative in August 2018. Following the process of the Strategic Plan, the Membership Unit will center on strengthening its network by encouraging a collaborative regional approach and continuing to develop and leverage leaders to empower the communities it serves.  

Barbara Bloch will serve as the Senior Advisor, William D. Webber as Associate Director, and Susanna Meyer as Senior Membership Officer.  

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