Exchange, Volunteer, Fellowship, and Grant Opportunities

Are you passionate about making a difference in your community and love learning about new cultures? Do you have technical expertise in agriculture, entrepreneurship, youth development, or language learning you’d like to share with someone in need? Apply for one of the opportunities below and join your fellow global citizens in connecting, serving, and changing lives - the Americas are waiting for you!

Farmer-to-Farmer Volunteers

  • Apply now to become a Farmer-to-Farmer volunteer in Guatemala, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Colombia, Guyana, Burma, or other select countries. Please email our Farmer-to-Farmer volunteer recruiters, attach a copy of your résumé/CV with an indication of the project or country of interest, and we will send you more details.  

Study Abroad Grants

100,000 Strong in the Americas Innovation Fund Proposal Reviewer

Education & Culture Program Travel, Teacher-in-Residence, and Small Project Assistance Grants

  • Through the Education & Culture Program, individuals from throughout the Partners network have the opportunity to partake in meaningful international travel experiences, provide English teaching methodology alongside teachers, and create a community development project.