Economic Development & Health

In the last 20 years, the number of people who suffer from hunger in Latin America and the Caribbean has fallen from 68.5 million to 37 million. Despite progress, challenges remain. Partners’ Economic Development & Health programs contribute to global nutrition security and livelihood development by strengthening organizational and individual capacity. Our expansive network of specialized volunteers, development experts, collaborating organizations and local leaders helps us increase food production and income, promote improved nutrition and support sustainable economic growth and environmental conservation across the hemisphere.

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John Ogonowski and Doug Bereuter Farmer-to-Farmer Program

Connected with the right resources and training, rural farmers and agribusinesses can improve production and gain greater access to economic opportunities. We mobilize the skills of specialized volunteers from the United States to meet local needs in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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RANFOSE -Ranfòse Abitid Nitrisyon pou Fè Ogmante Sante

In Haiti, we are working in partnership with the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) to address the continuing problem of malnutrition by establishing a National Fortification Alliance, collaborating with key stakeholders already working in this area, and identifying and mitigating key challenges through innovative and sustainable approaches to ensure impact.

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