VI International Forum: Ambassadors for Peace, Leaving No One Behind


In honor of the International Day of Peace, the Red Espaz Peru Chapter held the" VI International Forum: Ambassadors for Peace, Leaving No One Behind," to hear from children, youth, and leaders who are contributing significantly to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030.

VI Foro Internacional: Embajadores por la paz, sin dejar a nadie atrás

En el marco del Día Internacional de la paz, se realizó el VI Foro Internacional: Embajadores por la paz, sin dejar a nadie atrás organizado por la Red Internacional por la Paz (Red Espaz Perú) con el objetivo de escuchar el análisis de la investigación de los niños, jóvenes y líderes, quienes vienen contribuyendo de manera significativa para el cumplimiento de los Objetivos del Desarrollo Sosstenible (ODS) hacia 2030.

Celebrating Diversity and a Culture of Peace in the Time of the Pandemic

MicrosoftTeams-image (1)_0.jpegIn 2002, the United Nations General Assembly declared May 21 as the World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development. According to UNESCO, 75% of the largest conflicts have a cultural dimension. Overcoming the division among cultures is necessary to promote a culture of peace, stability, and development among nations.

Creating Friendships, Partnerships, and an International Community: My Life-Changing Experience as a Youth Ambassador

blog8 (2).jpgLife-changing. It can be difficult to pinpoint the precise moment when your life changed, when an event occurred that undeniably altered the course of your future. Yet mine is easy: being a Youth Ambassador was life-changing. 

Promotores de paz en tiempos del COVID-19

269B234F-971A-445A-94C6-43CF4BB8C5B4_1_201_a.jpegCon el objetivo de promover la cultura de paz en tiempos del COVID-19, la Red Internacional de Estudiantes por la Paz (Red EsPaz Perú) Capítulo afiliado de la organización Partners of the Americas viene desarrollando desde el mes de abril a la fecha conversatorios online dirigido a estudiantes y profesionales que tienen el compromiso de conectar, servir y continuar transformando vidas en la sociedad.

2019 Year in Review

DEC NL_13.jpgPartners has accomplished a lot in 2019, thanks to all of our supporters and members! We have compiled our top 2019 highlights from each of the four units: the Education and Global Citizenship Unit, the Economic Development and Health Unit, the Child Protection Unit, and the Membership Unit. We are excited for all of the life-changing partnerships to come in 2020.


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