Past Programs & Initiatives

Climate Change Fellows
From 2010 to 2012, we sent 43 professionals from the United States and Colombia on fellowships to share their expertise in climate adaptation and mitigation, promote mutual understanding between Colombia and the United States, strengthen participants’ capacity to serve as catalysts for change, and increase the capacity of target communities to respond to natural disasters.

Rio+20, United Nations’ Conference on Sustainable Development, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2012
We actively participated in Rio+20 by encouraging civil society and volunteer participation in multilateral discussions as well as promoting the Energy and Climate Partnership of the Americas program on a panel as a valuable resource for sustainable development in the Western Hemisphere.

Summit of the Americas, Cartagena, Colombia, 2012
We participated in the Summit as judges in selecting the best youth entrepreneurship ideas for the TIC Americas competition, moderated and spoke at the working group on environmental protection and infrastructure development in the Americas, and promoted volunteerism by participating in the Civil Society Forum.

Partners of the Americas 50th Anniversary Convention, Florianopolis, Brazil, 2014
We held a panel on smart cities, led a tree planting activity for convention participants and visited a LEED neighborhood in Florianopolis.