Climate and Energy

From the wealthiest cities to the poorest barrios, major climate events have affected 1 in 13 Latin Americans throughout the last decade. Stories of landslides, water shortages and power outages are not uncommon for families in the region, and while climate change is a global reality, poverty, political instability and lack of infrastructure greatly exacerbate the impact.

This is why we team technical experts in climate and energy with local stakeholders throughout Latin America to encourage shared decision making and greater access to resources and information. Cross-border and multi-sector collaboration is key to developing adaptive methods that meet both local and international needs.

  • 112 technical visits
  • 19 countries

Energy and Climate Partnership of the Americas (ECPA) Senior Fellows

U.S. climate and energy experts serve as consultants to local and national stakeholders across Latin America.

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Agriculture &
Food Security

Partners’ Agriculture and Food Security programs contribute to global nutrition security and livelihood development by strengthening organizational and individual capacity.

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Past Programs and Initiatives

Partners uses citizen diplomacy to engage climate and energy issues by sharing intercultural expertise. 

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