Child Protection Unit

13 million children are subject to child labor every day throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. In an effort to eliminate the worst forms of child labor, we take a holistic approach toward providing children and youth with extensive educational services and households with alternative income-generating opportunities.

  • 32,000+ children and youth
  • 13 years
  • 6 countries


EducaFuturo combats child labor among marginalized populations by providing direct educational and livelihood services in Ecuador and Panama. EducaFuturo educates the child and parent to ensure lasting results.

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Paraguay Okakuaa

Paraguay Okakuaa is reducing the worst forms of child labor and improving labor law enforcement and working conditions in Paraguay. Paraguay Okakuaa works with the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security

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Colombia Avanza

The Colombia Avanza project aims to improve the capacity of civil society to better understand and address child labor and promote acceptable conditions of work in Colombia’s coffee sector.

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Ñande Ko’ê

Ñande Ko’ê combats human trafficking in Paraguay, particularly sex and labor trafficking. The project’s comprehensive approach focuses on strengthening local and national networks to combat trafficking.

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Palma Futuro

Palma Futuro promotes acceptable conditions of work and reduces child and forced labor in palm oil supply chains in Colombia and Ecuador through implementing social compliance systems.

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ATLAS Paraguay

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ATLAS aims to improve the enforcement of labor and criminal law and increase coordination among law enforcement and social protection entities in order to combat child labor, forced labor and trafficking in persons.

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Past Programs

Partners has led efforts to combat child labor for over a decade, ensuring that the regions' most vulnerable children and youth receive a fair chance at an education and hope for a better tomorrow.

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