VI International Forum: Ambassadors for Peace, Leaving No One Behind

Henry Velarde García, professor at UNMSM, and Paul Rivera Jaramillo, general coordinator of Red Espaz Peru

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In honor of the International Day of Peace, the Red Internacional por la Paz Chapter (Red Espaz Peru) held the "VI International Forum: Ambassadors for Peace, Leaving No One Behind," to hear from children, youth, and leaders who are contributing significantly to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030.

The event occurred from September 21-22, 2021 with the participation of the following children: Sergio García Hernández (12), Juliet Soto Castellanos (10), Renato Pizán Fernández (10), Valentina Gamarra Yi (7), Jennssy Solis Ccorahua (8), Eduardo Torres Benites (12), Jesús Lara Huamán (9), Franco Carahuatay Luicho (8), Karen Paz Valdera (10), Rosa Isabel Ortiz Collantes (9), Estefany Carahuatay Luicho (10), Doménica Jiménez Mashapana (10), and Yadira Vásquez Gómez (14). They shared the concept of each of the SDGs they had the opportunity to present, and the importance of involving more children in the 2030 Agenda.

It was surprising to hear the children's call to promote education for peace, achieve zero hunger worldwide, and have fair policies in all countries. The session was moderated by Red Espaz leaders: Pltg. Gemma Godos Sanchez and Ps. Joel Sandoval Valdiviezo.


Youth and adult session leaders

On the second day, young leaders from different cultures and speaking different languages also presented their research related to the SDGs and how they are being implemented in their countries. These leaders included the new Ambassadors for Peace: Claudia Valle (Peru), Yolanda Muñoz (Colombia), Liz Vega (Colombia), Karina Rodríguez (Colombia), Diana Núñez (Peru), Kelly Regalado (Germany), Nicólas Arízaga (U.S.), Denise Leal (Brazil), Vibhav Kandlur (India), Perla Cerdán (Peru), Iñaki Agüero Clarembaux (Argentina), Bianca Castillo (Peru), Emma Callegari (Peru), Maria Paula Altamirano (Ecuador), and Kelly Quispe (Peru).

They shared their vision of how young people are contributing to the realization of the 2030 Agenda, thus visualizing important youth participation for the achievement of the SDGs. The session was led by Brissa Muñoz, coordinator of the international relations area.

The Peruvian organization Red Espaz seeks to promote the culture of peace and nonviolence around the world, and to strengthen strategic alliances with different educational, social, public, and private organizations to continue to achieve the multiplier effect of connecting, serving, and changing lives without leaving anyone behind.


Partners President and CEO John McPhail closed the international forum of children, youth, and adult leaders by highlighting the valuable participation of each of them, and the importance of international cooperation for the fulfillment of the SDGs.

"Congratulations for speaking on this important topic. I greatly admire your leadership and your dedication to peace and nonviolence. And it is truly inspiring what you have been doing. I hope we will take some time to reflect on our collective commitment to the 17 SDGs. You know that this issue is fundamental to global prosperity. I also believe that our human connection is what motivates us to promote peace. As we strive to achieve the SDGs we realize in what ways the interconnected goals manifest in our own lives. I firmly believe that awareness is the key to achieving change that is tangible, and that the solutions are lasting. They take decades of hard work that began with the United Nations, allowing youth leaders and their allies to stay focused on effective contributions. May your passion for world peace continue to grow with strategies that improve health and education, reduce inequality, and stimulate economic growth, all while addressing climate change, and working to preserve our oceans and forests. This is an urgent call to action to ensure that no one is left behind. As Ambassadors for Peace, you are the best people to transform these times. You are the leaders who will make this change happen thanks to your great passion," McPhail said.


Finally, children and youth Ambassadors for Peace were invited to continue promoting the Culture of Peace and the Sustainable Development Goals in their countries with the aim of contributing to the 2030 Agenda, and carry out projects and studies for future scientific research, which will allow them to further their achievements and advances in their respective youth organizations and educational centers.


We are with you — Christmas Project

Since April 2021, the Red Espaz Chapter has made solidarity breakfasts for children and immigrants who are located in the city of Chiclayo in northern Peru. The coordinating team and volunteers are currently soliciting support and raising funds to benefit 300 families with basic food baskets to be held in December.


If you would like to participate or make a valuable financial contribution to the Christmas project, please do not hesitate to contact Inés Mori, coordinator of Red Espaz at, and copy