Tennessee Chapter Continues Legacy of Peace of Cordell Hull

Dr. Gary Linn, Tennessee Chapter President
Imagen 51.pngTennessee Chapter Member Dr. Galen Hull discusses his biography of Secretary Cordell Hull with former Vice President Al Gore

"Cordell Hull was our nation's longest-serving Secretary of State, and he had a vision for world peace that remains important today," said former Vice President Al Gore at the opening ceremony of Cumberland University's Cordell Hull Peace Forum on October 1, 2021. Al Gore, like Cordell Hull, was a recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize. 

Secretary Hull was recognized for his key efforts in the development of the United Nations and Vice President Gore for his path-breaking work on climate change. Given the focus of the Peace Forum, it was only fitting that Partners of the Americas, as represented by the Tennessee Chapter, participate.

As members of the Tennessee Partners Chapter, we serve in the cause of peace and cooperation among nations in the Western Hemisphere (and other regions) as inspired by President John F. Kennedy during his administration. Two paths of service for peace were opened at that time: the Peace Corps and Partners of the Americas.

Imagen 14.pngVice President Al Gore speaking at the opening of Cordell Hull Peace Symposium at Cumberland University

The Tennessee Chapter contributed to the success of the Cumberland Peace Forum by donating copies of a recently published biography of Cordell Hull, which was written by Tennessee Chapter Member and former Peace Corps Volunteer, Dr. Galen Hull. Copies of the biography Cordell Hull and His Legacies were given to faculty and community members who gave presentations on various aspects of peacemaking during the month-long Peace Forum. 

Imagen 15.pngTennessee Partners members, Dr. J. Gary Linn and Dr. Galen Hull, present copies of the biography of Cordell Hull to Cumberland University President, Paul Stumb, to be distributed to symposium speakers. 

Dr. Galen Hull and Tennessee Chapter President Dr. Gary Linn, together with Tennessee Chapter board members, Hugo Sandoval and David McKinney, were present at the opening ceremonies of the Peace Symposium and the dedication of a statue of Secretary Hull. Hull was an 1891 graduate of Cumberland University Law School. The bronze Alan Le Quire Statue depicts a youthful Cordell Hull as he was as a student at Cumberland University.

The Tennessee Chapter is grateful to continue his and JFK's legacy of peace.

Imagen 13.png
Tennessee Chapter Member Dr. Galen Hull with a recently dedicated statute of Cordell Hull at Cumberland University.