The Power of People-to-People Exchange

People-to-people relationships have the power to break barriers, build friendships, and change the world.

When people from different backgrounds connect, it presents an opportunity to be immersed in a new culture, learn a new language and exchange ideas. These relationships often lead to enduring partnerships based on mutual understanding, respect and shared interest.

Our Education and Culture program connects people and institutions to support small projects that promote service in the community and enhance cross-cultural understanding and cooperation between the U.S. and Latin America and the Caribbean.

Founded in 1983, the U.S. Department of State has funded this program for nearly 35 years!

In honor of our volunteers, we are proud to launch the Network Investment Fund, which will raise money to increase the number of grants that we can provide our volunteers to support their small projects in partnership with members across our chapter network.

Give today and your donation will be doubled, thanks to a generous match up to $5,000!

Below is a collection of reflections from our volunteer travelers in 2017:

“The main purpose of the trip was to strengthen ties between our schools and communities in real and lasting ways. We met with colleagues and students to share best practices for language and cultural learning through one-on-one and small group interactions, as well as large group activities with hundreds of participants. We had opportunities for interaction with like-minded, highly motivated professionals and students of all ages in a variety of formal and informal settings…

The host chapter of Partners planned our itinerary and provided ground transportation, food and lodging for us during our stay. They publicized the program and recruited participants and volunteers. They planned meaningful excursions and social events for us. From the beginning they treated us as family, inviting us to their homes.”  —Gregory L. Lamping; Spanish and Portuguese Teacher at St. Xavier High School-- Cincinnati, Ohio/ Member of Wyoming Chapter—Laramie, Wyoming

“This was my first trip to South America, and it is the first of many. It was not a singular event that left me with great memories; it was a pivotal experience that has shed light on a new purpose that my husband and I will be committed to for the rest of our lives. I am grateful for an organization like Partners of the Americas that made this entire experience possible.” -- Jasmine Simons; Music Therapist / Member of Kentucky Chapter —Lexington, KY

“Mi capítulo compañero anfitrión en la ciudad de Stevens Point estuvo 100 % involucrado en la organización de todas mis actividades, hubo una excelente coordinación y apoyo todo el tiempo…El viaje a Wisconsin fue un viaje maravilloso, honestamente estaba predispuesta para hacerlo por la historia de relación entre nuestros países y por el tema de la migración, sin embargo, estando en los Estados Unidos, específicamente en Wisconsin, pude sentir en carne propia el trato con respeto y solidaridad, el valor y admiración hacia mi trabajo. Muchas gracias por la oportunidad de viajar y compartir, aprender y crecer. Vine más comprometida para continuar mi trabajo en beneficio de mi comunidad.” — María Jesus ​Centeno Tercero; Member of Nicaragua-Wisconsin Chapter—Estelí, Nicaragua

“First of all thanks from the bottom of my heart to all the staff at Partners of the Americas/Washington, for giving me this amazing experience.  I know you invest not only time, but also the funds for every Travel Grant in order to see results in the near future.  Thanks for trusting me [with] this responsibility.” —Liez Gutierrez de Millares; English Teacher / Member of Utah-Bolivia Chapter, La Paz, Bolivia

“Nestas reuniões buscou-se compreender as novas possibilidades de programas a serem desenvolvidos e a possibilidade de apoios na realização destes programas. Em todas as reuniões os resultados foram positivos para a celebração de parcerias que envolvam os comitês da Virgínia e Santa Catarina.” -- Patrick Almeida Cavalheiro; Member of Santa Catarina, Brazil-Richmond Chapter—Florianópolis, Santa ​Catarina, Brazil

“I had a marvelous experience, I am very grateful to Partners. The trip had a very positive impact in my career and my personal life, and hopefully also in the lives of the amazing people I got to know in Kansas.” -- Micaela Alicia Gonzalez Allen; Pianist / Member of Paraguay-Kansas Chapter—Buenos Aires, Argentina 

“I must say that the program exceeded my expectations, all the activities presented can be applied to my daily classes as a teacher; what is more, it helped me focus on some aspects of teaching like motivating students, implementing the use of technology in the classroom, among others… The experience acquired is invaluable, not only in the professional field but also in my personal life, I am back in my country eager to share and put into practice what I learned.” -- Cecilia del Valle Contreras; English Teacher Colegio ​FASTA Catherina --Buenos Aires, Argentina/ Member of Colorado Chapter-- Greeley, Colorado

“Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for this incredible experience.  I am deeply indebted to Partners of the Americas for this wonderful opportunity and hope to visit Río Grande do Sul again in the near future.” -- Pamela Gemmer; Member of Indiana-Rio Grande do Sul Chapter—Indianapolis, IN

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