PartnersCampus EAFIT Chapter Celebrates Fifth Anniversary

Susanna Meyer, Membership Officer


We are proud to share that the PartnersCampus student chapter network has expanded and grown in the past couple years. Leading the way by example and commitment is PartnersCampus EAFIT, which celebrated its fifth anniversary with Partners this year. The event featured a variety of activities centered on the pillars of the PartnersCampus student chapters: community leadership, civic engagement and volunteerism and professional development. Over 100 youth participated in dynamic leadership activities with a social, cultural and international focus.

Alejandra Sánchez Gómez, president of the chapter, shared her insights on the history and vision of PartnersCampus EAFIT with us.

1. Who are the members of PartnersCampus EAFIT and what are your main projects?​

“We currently have 54 active members in PartnersCampus EAFIT, divided into four committees: the social committee, in charge of our yearly volunteer projects and our principal project; The Kids Project, which teaches English to children from schools with minimal resources; the international committee, in charge of outreach to international students at the university who may be interested in different cultural events such as the Friends without Borders picnic and International Night; human resources, which provides support and guidance for a united group with a sense of belonging and commitment among the members; and communications, which is responsible for communication, outreach and promotion of events. The group is led by a board consisting of: the President (Alejandra Sánchez Gómez), Chief Financial Officer (Juan José Londoño Acosta), Social Chair (Susana Jaramillo Cara), Director of Internationalization (Daniel Gallego), Director of Human Resources (Juliana Olave Méndez) and Director of Communications (Eliza García Zuluaga).”

2. What is the mission and vision of PartnersCampus EAFIT? What is your inspiration?​

“I had the opportunity to speak with Juan Gonzalo Pérez, founder of the group, during the event. He said that various people have fought over the course of 10 years to implement a new student group at the university. He knew the [Partners] network and understood that there was a traditional chapter in Antioquia, so that inspired him to start a student chapter to serve not only the university community, but the entire continent.”

3. The members of PartnersCampus EAFIT are all such strong leaders. Who are your role models in leadership and service?

“Honestly, there are many leaders who have fought for social transformation, allowing us to be where we are now: Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, Gandhi, Jaime Garzón (a Colombian journalist), among others. When I think about what motivates me to serve people in need and volunteer at a variety of foundations — something I have done since elementary school — I can’t remember if there was a person or situation that inspired me… What I do know is that the people in my country who have not had the same opportunities as me motivate me to fight for them, to put myself in their shoes and understand their world. I consider them to be the brave ones, who have fought to get ahead despite some of the challenges my country presents. They inspire me to fight for a better world, to fight against injustices, so that one day they will live a better life full of opportunity to achieve their dreams.”

4. Please share a quote that describes your general experience with Partners.​

“There is a saying that I always remember that describes my identity as a member and leader of PartnersCampus EAFIT: ‘helping others is like helping oneself.’ The feeling of making others happy — above all, those who need it the most — has motivated me to be who I am today, to study social communication, to start community projects and to belong to a network like Partners. Partners has given me the satisfaction of putting myself in someone else’s shoes and has helped me grow on a personal level, as a human being and as a member of my community and society.”

Volunteers like Alejandra and the members of PartnersCampus EAFIT are our inspiration to continue to grow as a network and as individuals with heart for doing good. It is the honest commitment to service and positive energy of chapters like PartnersCampus EAFIT that form the core of our network and allow us to transform communities, countries, and continents.

To learn more about the PartnersCampus network, or to start a chapter yourself, visit the student chapter webpage:​