Partners of the Americas Launches Online Communities of Practice

Membership Unit, Partners of the Americas
Partners of the Americas understands the role that virtual connections have in engaging our members to connect, serve, and change lives. As Partners continues to grow and maintain a presence in the Americas, so do the technological advances that provide us with avenues to connect, engage, share knowledge and experiences, and grow personally and professionally. 

One of the foundational values of Partners' mission is to connect. Connecting individuals and organizations across and within borders drives the everyday work of Partners and its members. To achieve this goal and increase connectivity, Partners of the Americas is pleased to launch online Communities of Practice for members to join and participate in lively discussions on topics and geographic regions relevant to the Western Hemisphere. For decades, members have successfully connected through Chapter partnerships, professional and student exchanges, and volunteer opportunities. Now, these Communities of Practice provide an additional avenue to connect in a virtual environment. 

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Communities of Practice are: 
    •  Open to all members interested in connecting and networking with peers and colleagues throughout the Americas and beyond with similar interests.
    •  One of the most personal and engaging ways to get involved with Partners of the Americas.
    •  Groups that promote discussions and the sharing of knowledge, experiences, and resources among members.

Communities of Practice, found under the “Groups” tab in PartnersConnect (the Partners of the Americas member portal), include the:
    •  Child Protection Community
    •  Education & Global Citizenship Community
    •  Region VI: Northern South America Community
    •  Region VIII: Brazil Community