Jasson Albernaz: A Pioneer for Change

Susie Meyer, Membership and Development Intern

A little bit goes a long way with Jasson Albernaz.

Despite having minimal resources, Jasson Albernaz has changed the lives of hundreds of children in his community in Cochabamba, Bolivia with just “love, time, and the will to go out and do good.”

After moving from Brazil to study medicine at the Universidad Privada Abierta Latinoamericana in Cochabamba, he began to get involved as a volunteer in his community. He spent a lot of time at Casa de los Niños, a center for abandoned, abused, and orphaned children, and even became the full-time caregiver to Mirian, a one-year-old girl with pulmonary fibrosis.

Jasson wanted to make an even greater impact, and for that he needed support. He stumbled across a flyer for PartnersCampus, and leapt at the opportunity to start a student chapter. Two years later, Jasson is the president of the chapter and has helped them grow to over 230 volunteer members.

With the support of his volunteers and the Partners Network, Jasson has organized events, workshops, and various projects to help those in need in Cochabamba.

- Jasson and the PartnersCampus student leaders consistently support the children at Casa de los Niños, providing free meals every Saturday, holding events to raise money for new treatments and medicine, and visiting the children to learn their stories and give them love.​

- In September, PartnersCampus UPAL collaborated with a local volunteer youth organization to teach children in Bolivia the importance of oral hygiene. Children with physical and neurological disabilities at the center, San Juan De Dios, learned about oral health through an educational theatre performance that the kids themselves could perform.

- In October, Jasson and his team of volunteers collaborated with Institucion Avebol in a fundraising campaign for breast cancer research and support. They organized a month of fundraising and free mammograms for women in Cochabamba—11% of whom are diagnosed with breast cancer each year. Additionally, Jasson organized free training for the student volunteers in breast cancer examinations, providing even more skills and support to his volunteer network.

Jasson has accomplished all of this with very limited resources. He has changed the lives of so many using just his hands and his heart…Imagine what he could do with more!

Donate today to the Network Investment Fund and 100% will be re-invested into small grants to support community projects led by volunteers like Jasson.