Illinois-São Paulo Partners created a film festival to showcase Brazilian films

Teri West, Communications

Movies can serve as more than just entertainment. They can also be tools to connect cultures and demonstrate nuanced realities of a society while showcasing the creativity of its citizens. That’s one reason why Ariani Friedl created MOSTRA, a film series that has brought Brazilian films to Illinois and São Paulo, Brazil. In collaboration with the Illinois-São Paulo chapters of Partners of the Americas, MOSTRA is creating new audiences for Brazilian films, and spreading the art and culture of the country.

“It reflects the present Brazilian film diversity, bringing films made for the general public and also niche productions that give an honest view of what’s going on in Brazil,” film critic Edu Fernandes says about the initiative. This video, created by Brazil-based journalist Renato Kerr, includes perspectives of an array of involved parties on why MOSTRA matters. Take a look.​