International Day to Eradicate Poverty

In honor of the International Day to Eradicate Poverty on October 17, learn about how our Chapters fight against poverty across the Americas.

The United States -  PartnersCampus Flintridge Prep


Since 2020, the PartnersCampus Flintridge Prep Chapter in California hasn't let the pandemic stop its work. To help protect homeless people against COVID-19 in Los Angeles County, which has experienced high rates throughout the pandemic, the Chapter created a mask drive at their school to collect PPE and donated it to a local homeless shelter.  To bring awareness to the different obstacles students particularly face during this time, the Chapter is currently writing an article on COVID-19's impact on the schools around Los Angeles. PartnersCampus Flintridge Prep is also partnering with the feminist club at their school to receive donations of menstrual cycle products to give to homeless shelters for homeless women to have needed products. The Chapter is further creating infographics to educate people on how they can be more environmentally friendly at home and for the future after quarantine.

Brazil - Rio Grande do Sul Chapter


Located in the southern region of Brazil, the Rio Grande do Sul Chapter has, year after year, worked to ensure that it helps their community through the donation of clothing. Known for its colder climate than the rest of the country, there is a great need to help groups in the local community access warm clothing so that they can get through the coldest periods of the year with dignity. Every year, when the cold season approaches, the Chapter launches warm clothing donation campaigns.

Brazil - PartnersCampus Goiânia


The PartnersCampus Goiânia Chapter in Brazil collects clothes and food every year to give to partner institutions that help vulnerable people. In 2020, eight months after the Covid-19 pandemic, in a joint action with the Goiás Chapter, the Chapter managed the Plural Collection, a campaign to collect food, clothing, shoes, personal hygiene material, and sanitation products, among others. The collections were divided according to the demand of each partner institution, and by doing so, the Chapter helped children, refugees, and immigrants. In December 2020, the Chapter held a Christmas Reading Challenge, a book drive of new and old children's books that were donated to the organization Terra Livre. In all, more than 100 books were collected, which were distributed to children who the organization supports.

Bolivia - PartnersCampus San Simón


In 2021, the PartnersCampus San Simón Chapter in Bolivia supported its community by increasing access to reading. With the campaign "a book, a dream," the Chapter created donation point dropoffs for books and magazines in the city of Cochabamba for one month to give books to those in need.