ECPA Fellows Fifth Quarter Report

Camila Lara, Communications Volunteer and Elizabeth Lopez, Senior Program Officer for Climate Change

During the fifth quarter (October – December 2014) of the ECPA Fellows Program, Maria Paz Gutierrez and David Williams traveled to Colombia and Honduras. Grant agreements were signed for Janaki Alavalapati and Dan Kammen, who will be implementing their projects throughout 2015.

While in Honduras, David Williams delivered a keynote presentation at the IV Congreso Internacional de Eficiencia de Recursos y Tecnologias Limpias on ‘Renewable Energy and Climate Change: Business Opportunity’ and participated in meetings with the U.S. Embassy in Tegucigalpa, representatives from the CNP + LH, officials from the Universidad Autonoma de Honduras and representatives from the Conference Sponsor Companies.

During Maria Paz Gutierrez’s time in Colombia, she advised the Government on implementation of the low Carbon Resilient Development program for cities and investigated potential sustainability design opportunities in Valledupar and Riohacha. While in Valledupar, Mrs. Gutierrez met with the Mayor of Valledupar, the Office of Risk Management, and the Regional Autonomous Corporation. In Riohacha, she met with the Mayor of Riohacha, the Corpoguajira of the Adaptation Fund, Fundacion Creaqua and the Office of Risk Management.