Best Practices: Virginia - Santa Catarina, Brazil Chapter

Patricia and Dewey Brown, Virginia-Santa Catarina, Brazil Chapter Members
img-8049_orig_0.jpgPatricia and Dewey Brown with Partners President and CEO John McPhail at the Virginia-Santa Catarina 50th Anniversary Celebration

The Virginia - Santa Catarina, Brazil Chapter's Best Practices:

Adhere to By-Laws and Regulations:
  1. Update the By-Laws in accordance with the Washington, D.C. Office.
  2. Establish a biennial plan between partners on a regular basis. 
  3. Maintain compliance with state regulations and federal tax practices. For example, we comply with 650.Ic3 and State Corporation Communications.
Communicate Well Both Internally and Externally:
  1. Internally:
    • a. Hold quarterly meetings using technology to encourage participation at a distance.
    • b. Maintain constant contact with partners leaders, whether weekly or monthly.
    • c. Create administrative manuals.
    • d. Regularly communicate with our international offices and maintain regular communications with the staff in Washington, D.C. or the International Board Members.
    • e. Create administrative manuals.
  2. Externally:
    • a. Celebrate special events, such as celebrating 50 years of our partnership.
    • b. Produce an annual report on the status of our projects and activities and share this with the Partners Network.
    • c. Maintain a website and ensure it is up to date. 
    • ​d. Update the list of board members and general members on a regular basis and provide this list to all members.

Fundraise Effectively:

  1. Develop quarterly financial reports for members.
  2. Conduct fundraising events to support programs and projects.
  3. Write grants to support special initiatives. 

Focus on Strategic Planning:

  1. Appoint the Executive Director of the Chapter for the Chapter's overall leadership and to support its continued success.
  2. Think ahead at least one year out about projects to be implemented. This allows chapters to apply for State Department grants in a timely manner.
  3. On a regular basis, conduct strategic planning on priority programs and directions.

Retain Members and Volunteers: 

  1. Ensure that all of the volunteers are ethical.
  2. Keep members by getting as many involved in leadership processes as possible. Engagement is very important for hosting, planning, etc.
  3. ​Develop marketing tools to use in recruitment and other activities.
  4. Recognize our volunteer contributions every year as an appreciation for their service, reception, and other forms of recognition.

~ ~ ~

About the Virginia Chapter: We are Virginians partnered with the Brazilian state of Santa Catarina with a desire to build community between the people and institutions of our two states. Our Partnership has been active since 1967. Currently, we have twelve committees, with diverse projects in the arts, education,  natural resources, tourism, and health. ​