2021 Annual Member Awards

Every year, the Membership Unit offers awards to highlight individual members that have gone above and beyond to contribute to the mission of Partners of the Americas in their communities and across the network. In 2021, four members, from three different countries stood out in their service. Meet the awardees for the 2021 Annual Member Awards. 


Daianne Castilho Silva – Impact Award 

Goiás, Brazil Chapter

Daianne Castilho Silva won the Impact Award because she is a team player, as well as her resilience and proactiveness. She supported her own Chapter in launching initiatives such as What Works 2019 and developed her own initiatives to support her community. 

Silva created a Free English project directed at helping underprivileged teenagers in public schools in Brazil. During COVID-19, she quickly adapted the project and its activities online. Her community service is driven by a strong sense of social justice, fighting for a more egalitarian society through making high-quality education accessible to everybody. 


Liliana Hincapie Salazar - Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity Award & 30 years of Service Certificate 

Cali, Colombia Chapter  

Liliana Hincapie Salazar won the Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity Award for working to promote inclusion, equity, and accessibility in Cali and across Colombia for the past 30 years. She did this through her passion and love for her community. Through the Cali Chapter, Salazar has led a microentrepreneurial project that supports health initiatives and children with various cognitive abilities to create opportunities for vulnerable and disadvantaged populations. 


Mario Henry – Emergent Leader Award

Mario Henry, president of the Haiti Chapter, won the Emergent Leader Award for being a key and proactive mentor and leader, consistently rising above the call of duty. 

Henry has been essential for outreach, identifying and obtaining resources to support his local community in Haiti.


Sofia Lucca – Emergent Leader Award

Sofia Lucca won the Emergent Leader Award for serving as an ideal example of a rising leader, designing and launching multiple projects to support the most vulnerable in her community. 

At the Centro Comunitario Madre Madalena, Lucca managed the rebuilding of their bakery. There, volunteers teach youth apprentice bakers, as well as housewives who then bake for themselves and for the entire community, including their own daycare and elderly center. She is now starting a new project called Eu! Empreendedora that will teach business skills to women in the same favela. 

We thank our Chapter members for their dedication to changing lives.