Migration and Education in Cúcuta: Reflections About This Important Border Town

FB_IMG_1627668078504 (1).pngChief of Party for Partners' Juntos Aprendemos program, Gustavo Payán-Luna, reflects on his recent trip to Cúcuta, Colombia. The city is the Colombian epicenter of the Venezuelan migration crisis, an issue that is at the core of Juntos Aprendemos' work to increase youth access to quality education in areas impacted by migration.

Paraguay Tourism Sector Warns: "Open Your Eyes Against Trafficking in Persons"

HT3 (1).pngCOVID-19 has inflicted a series of burdens and setbacks upon the fight against Trafficking in Persons (TIP) at a global level, especially in countries where the efforts and resources destined to combat this evil have been reappropriated to efforts focused on medical and economic recovery. However, information about TIP in Paraguay, particularly related to tourism, has been abundant, in part thanks to the efforts of Partners of the Americas and its stakeholders.

Inter-American Dialogue Study Confirms Impact of 100,000 Strong in the Americas Innovation Fund

Screen Shot 2021-07-27 at 9.53.05 AM (1).pngOn June 10, 2021, the Inter-American Dialogue (the Dialogue), a U.S.-based think tank located in Washington D.C., gathered together distinguished panelists to discuss their recently published report, “Leveraging Public-Private Partnerships to Expand Higher Education Collaboration and Academic Exchange in the Americas: An Impact Study of the 100,000 Strong in the Americas Innovation Fund."

Partners of the Americas Commemorates the International Year for the Elimination of Child Labor

colavanza WDACL 2021.jpegOn June 12, 2021, Partners of the Americas (Partners) commemorated the World Day Against Child Labor (WDACL), as well as the International Year for the Elimination of Child Labor. This is a year in which we are called to not lower our guard on our fight, but instead, to increase our efforts to prevent and eradicate child labor, especially given the increased threat that the COVID-19 pandemic poses on vulnerable families and communities. 


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