Citizen Diplomacy Action Fund - Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What is the Citizen Diplomacy Action Fund for U.S. Alumni?

2. What are some examples of projects suitable for this competition?

Competition Eligibility 

1. Can you please elaborate on the specific selection criteria used by the review committee?

2. What limitations are there due to the COVID pandemic?

3. Can a project be proposed by an individual?

4. Are there age restrictions for project leads?

5. For how many projects can I apply/be a team member?

6. If I received a Citizen Diplomacy Action Fund grant the 2019, Media Literacy, Rapid Response, and/or 2020 rounds, am I eligible to submit a project for the 2021 round?

7. Must grant recipients receive approval from and/or partner with embassies in countries where they intend to carry out the proposed activities?

8. Do projects need to receive IRB approval?

Application Process 

1. Why do I need to have an International Exchange Alumni account to apply?

2. I have an account at Why can’t I access the page for the Citizen Diplomacy Action Fund?

3. How do I know if my request for an International Exchange Alumni account has been approved?

4. I submitted my request to create an International Exchange Alumni account. When will I know if my request is approved?

5. I am ready to submit my Citizen Diplomacy Action Fund application, but I am experiencing technical difficulties. What should I do?

Budgetary Considerations 

Read more about funding guidelines here.

Find the budget template here. You must use this template in your application.

1. I’m not sure if my proposed project costs are compliant. Where can I check on this?

2. Can Citizen Diplomacy Action Fund grants be used for emergency cash assistance?

3. How will my team be asked to manage the grant funds/budget?

4. Are project leads eligible to receive honorarium based on their capacity and engagement in the project, as described in their application?

5. What is the difference between salary and honorarium?


6. Can my team seek out funds from other sources  not included in the original budget proposal?

7. Can a project lead report the time they commit to the project as cost share? 

8. How will CDAF funds be distributed to the project leads?

9. Can grant funds go to a bank account owned by a non-profit, for-profit, or academic institution?

10. What taxes will need to be paid on these funds?

11. Do individuals and/or teams receive travel insurance if they are awarded a grant?

Building a Team 

1. How do I build a team/connect with other alumni?

2. Do all my team members have to be U.S. citizens?

3. Can my team include alumni from different countries?

4. Can my team include alumni from different programs?

5. Do all team members have to be alumni of U.S. government-sponsored exchange programs?

U.S. Department of State flag and seal

The Citizen Diplomacy Action Fund is sponsored by the U.S. Department of State and implemented by Partners of the Americas in partnership with the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs.