Student Chapters

Student chapters are Partners of the Americas chapters that are based in educational institutions and led by students. Student chapters expand the Partners Network and grow student leaders through community leadership, civic engagement and volunteerism, and professional development.

Student chapters are student-led organizations based at higher education institutions (HEIs) throughout the Americas. Student chapters are made up of student leaders and faculty, staff, and alumni advisers who work together to connect their campuses to the Western Hemisphere through community leadership, civic engagement and volunteerism, and professional development.

Student leaders practice community leadership by identifying and strengthening their leadership capacities through training and collaboration with other driven students. Through cross-border and local civic engagement and volunteerism, student leaders also expand their awareness and understanding of the world in ways that enhance their volunteer service. Further, student leaders grow as professionals, expanding and applying their own knowledge, skills and abilities, while building their professional networks.

Since 2011, Partners has been growing its network of universities, colleges, bi-national centers, and other HEIs throughout the hemisphere and engaging students in ways that internationalize campuses and shape graduates who are effective global change agents. With more than 10 active student chapters and growing, Partners continues to expand its ever increasing network of student leaders across the Americas.

Interested? Check out these 4 Easy Steps for Creating Chapters!

Educational Institutions:

Internationalize your campus - connect with students throughout the hemisphere to serve and commit to leadership opportunities across borders.

YOU can internationalize your campus.

Join PartnersConnect and learn about Partners of the Americas.

Recognize and inform motivated student leaders about student chapters.

Support student chapters through professional development and community engagement opportunities.

Chapters & Community Organizations:

Cultivate voluntary spirit in the Americas and mentor the new generation of volunteer leaders while expanding your network.

YOU can inspire student leaders.

Promote student chapters among educational institutions and students in your network.

Foster meaningful discussion about community development and volunteerism.

Collaborate with student chapter leaders.


Apply your academic, personal and professional expertise and leverage the Partners of the Americas Network to address core social issues in our hemisphere.

YOU can be a leader.

GET INFORMED about Partners and talk with your peers about your ideas for change.

EXPRESS INTEREST in joining or founding