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17-Year-Old Gains Leadership Skills and Second Family through Youth Ambassadors Program

Joandriz Gonzalez, 17, traveled from her hometown of Caracas, Venezuela to the United States last fall. She was a participant in Partners’ State Department and U.S. Embassy-sponsored Youth Ambassadors (YA) program, which gives high schoolers the opportunity to travel internationally, build and improve leadership skills and develop a commitment to service. 

Partners to Launch Colombian Peacebuilding Tour

Partners of the Americas is pleased to announce that it will be launching the Colombian University Tour on Peacebuilding Education in February 2017. 

Farmer-to-Farmer Graphic Design Volunteer Discovers Spirit of Haiti

"Products from Haiti face steep competition from cheap American and Latin American imports. My clients, Anatraf and Makouti are working to change that. They offer training and through a co-op, pool resources to allow small producers to bring products to market. Their goal is for Haitian farmers to evolve from subsistence farmers to entrepreneurs."

Meat Goat Production & Management in Haiti

"Recently, the meat goat industry in Haiti has experienced significant advancement. Farmers and hosts have easier access to supplies including fencing wire, veterinary medicines and supplies, and feeds, and the number of goat farmers and goat inventories have increased."

Education and Culture Grants Brazil Student Travel to U.S.

"One perk of being a Partners chapter member is the opportunity to apply for Travel Grants. Distributed through Partners’ Education and Culture program, Travel Grants fund visits to other Partners chapters throughout the Western Hemisphere to collaborate on areas of mutual interest, including education, art, and student exchanges."

Happy Holidays and Looking Forward to 2017

As we at Partners reflect on the year we’ve had, and anticipate 2017, we are grateful to be surrounded by such inclusive, open-minded staff, chapter members, volunteers, and program participants. During a time when the Western Hemisphere is divided by politics and ignorance, Partners brings people together, and builds care and mutual understanding.

At Age 15, My Life Has Changed Forever

"Our experiences were challenging, but they made us stronger. I learned the history of the United States, Tennessee and Johnson City; I learned about America and its people – how they really are, not the stereotypes that surround them."

Feeling Homesick During the Holidays? Here are Five Tips to Cheer You Up!

The holiday season makes us acutely aware of the distance between ourselves and the people, places, and routines that we’re familiar with. There are several things you can do to help pull yourself out of the funk. Here are five tips that we hope help bring a little cheer to you during your holidays away from home.

Partners Organiza Primer Retiro de Liderazgo Juvenil

El primer Retiro de Liderazgo Juvenil organizado por Partners of the Americas se llevó a cabo durante el 30 de octubre – 1 de noviembre. Juntos con el apoyo de nuestros capítulos en Jalisco, Wyoming, Texas, Washington, DC entro otros al igual que el apoyo del Instituto Jalisciense de la Juventud tuvimos la oportunidad de convocar a más de 70 jóvenes y ponentes de 9 países para una experiencia transformadora enfocada en la formación de liderazgo y emprendimiento social a través de talleres, experiencias culturales únicas, actividades de formación de equipo, networking y más.

Open Doors Analysis: Study Abroad Trends and Partners

The data presented at this year’s Open Doors briefing serves as a testament to the efforts of Partners’ 100,000 Strong in the Americas Innovation Fund to increase cultural exchanges across the Western Hemisphere such as the advances in creating or expanding study abroad opportunities in Colombia and Cuba. 

Partnership 2016: Best Practices in Combating Child Labor

“The topic of child labor is a multi-dimensional one that requires a comprehensive approach for its prevention and elimination,” Peña began at a panel discussing best practices in combating child labor at Partners' recent convention.

How to Overcome Institutional Barriers to Study Abroad

Despite the overwhelming consensus in the benefits of study abroad, numerous challenges exist in the execution and participation in programs, both for students and higher education institutions.

Partners y iEARN: Globalización de oportunidades

A quién en algún momento no le pasó por la mente el poder tener la oportunidad de conocer otras culturas, de visitar otros países  y saber muchas cosas de otros lugares que sólo había  leído en los libros?

10 Fun Facts About Partners' Farmer-to-Farmer Progam

Partners of the Americas has been implementing our Farmer-to-Farmer (F2F) program in Latin America and the Caribbean for over 25 years, making it one of our longest-running programs in the history of our organization.

Partners' Matt Clausen to Be WOLA's Next Executive Director

During my time at Partners I had the honor to help create and expand initiatives including the Youth Ambassadors program, the 100,000 Strong in the Americas Innovation Fund, and the 2nd World Summit for Youth Volunteering, among many others.

Convention 2016 Photos

See photos from our 2016 Convention, 100,000 Strong in the Americas Capacity Building Workshop, and Partners-iEARN Bilingualism Workshop.

Guatemala Farmer-to-Farmer Program Highlights

Partners’ Farmer-to-Farmer (F2F) program is playing an important role in strengthening rural development in Guatemala by upgrading capacity-building, supporting rural value chains with high potential for impact, focusing on gender, and facilitating strategic alliances with public, academic, private, and international cooperation. 

3 Reasons to Not Miss Partners’ Bilingualism Workshop

In 2010 I served as a fellow of the Fulbright Garcia-Robles program, teaching English for one school year in a technological university in Morelos, Mexico. A few weeks into the first semester, I thought to myself, how can I link up these students with classrooms back in the States? After all, in my opinion, immersion paired with practice is the best way to truly master a foreign language.