Exchange, Volunteer, Fellowship, and Grant Opportunities

Are you passionate about making a difference in your community and love learning about new cultures? Do you have technical expertise in agriculture, entrepreneurship, youth development, or language learning you’d like to share with someone in need? Apply for one of the opportunities below and join your fellow global citizens in connecting, serving, and changing lives - the Americas are waiting for you!


International Youth Exchanges

  • Applications for 2017 U.S., Colombia, and Venezuela Youth Ambassadors will be available in the new year.
  • Interested in becoming a host family? Passionate about your job and wish to share your expertise with our youth? Email
  • Want to implement our YouthLead methodology in your organization? Our curriculum is coming soon in the PartnersMarket.

International Educational Exchanges

  • 100,000 Strong in the Americas is President Obama's signature education initiative in the Western Hemisphere, partering U.S. higher education institutions with institutions throughout the Western Hemisphere for study abroad exchanges. Apply now for an open study abroad grant.
  • Colorado Partners of the Americas in collaboration with Aims Community College is offering an innovative educational workshop for the development of enhanced skill for teaching English to non-English speakers. The workshop is open to English teachers, or teachers with good English-speaking skills, from South or Central America who are employed in public or private institutions. Apply now for this unique educational opportunity.

President's Internship Program 

Teach English

  • Through Panama Teacher Match, qualified U.S. teachers travel to Panama for 6 weeks to work alongside English teachers in Panamanian public schools assisting in classroom instruction and curriculum development. Applications are now being accepted for summer 2017.