Mama Knows Best: Happy Mother's Day!

Yesterday we celebrated Mother's Day, a day to honor all the special mamas in our lives. At Partners, we treasure mothers, and strongly believe empowering and educating women - especially mothers - leads to healthier children, families and communities.

In Haiti, we're working hard to empower mothers through our Haiti Nutrition Security Program, which uses a network of influential Mother Leaders to educate other mothers and families in their community on mother and child nutrition. For Magalie Hubbert, becoming a Mother Leader allowed her to pursue something she loves - educating others. Simone Fertile is another Mother Leader whose nutrition advice has literally helped save lives in her community.

Of course, though there are plenty of amazing mothers in Haiti, it's not the only place we find them. Volunteers with our Farmer-to-Farmer program have also been working with mothers in the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, and Nicaragua. In 2013, our Agriculture and Food Security team wrote a tribute to Farmer-to-Farmer participants for International Women’s Day, telling just a few of the many stories that encourage and inspire all of us on a daily basis.

So as you’re thanking your own mothers or the special women in your life, take a moment to remember all the mothers out there that are working to make a better world for their children and their communities, and celebrate them!

"Yo pa ka achte moso manman nan mache."

"One can’t buy a piece of mother in the market." (Mothers are irreplaceable!)

-- Haitian Proverb

The Partners of the Americas Nutrition Security Program (NSP) and Farmer-to-Farmer Program are funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development. Read more articles on this topic at Partners' Farmer-to-Farmer blog.